Operation HOPE 20th Anniversary Celebration

Atlanta Bus Tour and Grand Opening

When Operation HOPE organized its first Bankers Bus Tour in the wake of the Rodney King riots in South Central Los Angeles, John Bryant envisioned an opportunity for business leaders, community stakeholders, and governments to collaborate for the revitalization of South Central Los Angeles. Twenty years later, Operation HOPE continues to foster vibrant communities through the expansion of economic opportunities and initiatives such as the HOPE Opportunity Bus Tour and the HOPE Financial Dignity Center in Atlanta.

Business leaders in Atlanta have a longstanding tradition of banding together to enhance the lives of residents throughout the region and to improve the overall quality of our city. This November, hundreds of national and international delegates are invited to join the Operation HOPE Opportunity Bus Tour as a testament to Atlanta’s past and future transformation. We know that Atlanta’s wealth is its communities, and with further opportunity and investment, these communities will continue to grow and prosper.

Operation HOPE and the new HOPE Financial Dignity Center at the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church will also be key to realizing future opportunities. As the anchor tenant of the newly constructed Martin Luther King, Sr., Community Resource Complex next to the historic Ebenezer Church, Operation HOPE will provide programs and services to help communities grow and thrive — raising credit scores, creating homeowners, training entrepreneurs and raising financial dignity. The HOPE Financial Dignity Center is currently supported by a landmark, five-year, national Framework Agreement signed between Operation HOPE and the Financial Services Roundtable (FSR), including $1 million commitments from SunTrust, State Farm Insurance and LPL Financial, $500,000 commitments from Wells Fargo and MasterCard with significant additional financial commitments from The Coca-Cola Company, Kaplan University, United Way, Equifax and the U.S. Economic Development Administration. On November 14th, we will celebrate opening the doors of the HOPE Financial Dignity Center with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

We believe that this important work is consistent with continuing the humanitarian focus and legacy of serving and uplifting the broadest definition of “community” in Atlanta.


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