Operation HOPE 20th Anniversary Celebration

Working Groups

Operation HOPE is bringing community, government and private sector leaders together in a series of Local Financial Dignity & Inclusion Working Group Meetings where participants will share thoughts and develop solutions for the future of free enterprise and capitalism for all.

All meetings will be recorded and included in the global Financial Dignity & Inclusion eLibrary. The meetings will culminate at the HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit in November. The sessions are expected to start in July, as a lead up to the HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit in November.

The most active and engaged local delegates will participate in the Summit deliberations, and any local leader that organizes a complete series will be formally recognized by the summit co-chairs. The final report with the results and findings are to be delivered to the President of the United States and G20 leaders by January 15th, 2013.

The innovation of these gatherings hinges around being able to capture, review and share the outcome from the discussions. Each meeting will be recorded and made available online to national organizers as solutions for economic problems at a local level.

The eight Working Group topics are:

(1) Banking the Unbanked

(2) Mobile Money and eEmpowerment

(3) Youth Economic Energy and Entrepreneurship

(4) The Role of Government in a Reset World

(5) The Power of Small Business and Credit

(6) Leadership: The Future Role of Philanthropy, CSR and CRA

(7) The Mortgage Crisis. The New Ownership Opportunity

(8) A New Space: Emergency Economic Disaster Preparedness, Response and Recovery

To get involved, visit the Local Inclusion Group section, and sign up to be a part of one!

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